Organic Ice Melt 10 Kg

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This premium deicing product is effective down to extreme cold temperatures and eco-friendly.  Organic Melt is enhanced with Fusion, our patented organic and Betterave_FondantBiologiquebiodegradable deicing liquid derived from degraded sugar-beets, for maximum melting power.

Finer granules of salt are used in order to speed up the melting process and to reduce the amount of material that can be tracked inside buildings. Organic Melt is less harmful to the environment than conventional ice melters.  More ice is melted with less material plus Organic Melt stays active for a longer period of time, thereby reducing the frequency of re-applications which also translates into less damage to all surfaces and vehicles.

Organic Melt has been used across Canada by municipalities, snow removal contractors and commercial & residential clients since 2007 and is widely recognized as the leader in premium eco-friendly ice melters.

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