Natural Toys 4 Cats Silver Vine Magic Broom Short

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Why We Love Natural Cat Toy: 

Natural Cat toys are all made with biodegradable material. The variety of natural silvervine, catnip and corn husk makes these toys unique and appealing to cats with different tastes. 

What you need to know:

Silvervine / Mattatabi / Actinidia Polygama are all the same plant. Silvervine goes by many different names but they are all different names for the same species of kiwifruit in the Actinidiaceae family. It grows exclusively in mountainous regions of Asia and some cats love it. We have found that our cats that do not react to catnip really love and react to silvervine. 

Silvervine sticks are a great addition to a cat's toy selection. It allows cats to bite down on the stick and can help clean their teeth. You must supervise your cats while playing with all toys and we especially recommend supervision with sticks as some cats can chew aggressively and pieces can come off leaving the stick sharp. If the stick becomes jagged or sharp it should be discarded.

This toy also features string tied to the end of the silvervine stick. While cats love chewing on string ensure that playtime is monitored and that the toy is discarded if the string comes apart. 

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