Nok Out Odour Eliminator Spray Cat & Dog for Textiles 236 ml

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Amazing NokOut is a powerful odour eliminator that targets odours without the use of enzymes or harsh
chemicals. NokOut uses an oxidation process to break down odour molecules at the source. NokOut is 100%
Biodegradable, Non-Toxic to animals, people, and the environment ,Scent Free and Hypoallergenic. Nokout is
available in a Spray, Shampoo and a specialized Skunk Odour Kit.
Amazing NokOut can be used almost anywhere. NokOut is completely non-toxic so you can feel safe using it
around your family and pets. NokOut has multiple uses including in your home, your vehicle, on your clothing
and furniture, and on your sports and outdoor equipment.
Now Introducing a NEW formula of NokOut Pet Shampoo! It’s even more gentle for your pet’s coat
and skin and in addition to the above, the new formula is;
• Non-irritating / non-drying
• Dye and fragrance free
• Ideal for all skin types
• Phosphate free
• Oatmeal free

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