Oxbow Garden Select Adult Rabbit 8 LB

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Weight Cups Daily
01 to 04 lb 1/8
04 to 08 1/4 to 1/3
08 to 10 lb 1/3 to 1/2
10 lbs + 3/4

Feed in addition to unlimited grass hay.

*Please note that these are guidelines. If you have questions about your pet’s daily feeding regimen, please contact your veterinarian or Oxbow for more specific feeding information.

This product is not intended for young, active, pregnant or nursing rabbits. We encourage pet owners to feed Oxbow’s Young Rabbit Food during these stages of life.

Transitioning Foods: Week One, mix ¼ new food with ¾ current food. Week Two, mix ½ new food with ½ current food. Week Three, mix ¾ new food with ¼ current food. By Week Four, you can feed Garden Select Adult Rabbit Food exclusively to your pet.

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