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Pet Greens Medley Self-Grow Kit



Pet Greens Self-Grow Kit brings the power of Green Nutrition directly into your home. Your pet will also enjoy the benefits of 100% certified organic and natural gluten free wheat grass that will help promote better digestion and healthier tummies. Wheat Grass is a safe alternative to the harmful chemicals that can be found on indoor plants and outdoor grasses.

  • Indoor Wellness: Indoor cats* often try to satisfy their craving for greens by munching on houseplants. Cat Grass provides a life-enriching, safe alternative.
  • Healthy Digestion: Help your cat achieve optimal indoor wellness with fresh and gentle green fiber that supports digestive health. It's a natural hairball treat, grown from your own cat grass seeds kit!
  • Nutrient-Rich: All-natural, organic Cat Grass is a superfood that is packed with chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals, protein and antioxidants.

*Organic Cat Grass is also great for dogs, birds, reptiles, rabbits and other small pets!


Oat, rye, & barley seeds


1. Before opening the bag, turn it over and carefully make about 10 small holes in the bottom with a ballpoint pen, large paper clip or other sharpish, poker-type thing. PLEASE be careful not to poke your fingers or other body parts!

2. Tear open the bag at the notch located about a third of the way down from the top.

3. Remove the small foil packet of seeds. You will notice the growing instructions are also printed on the foil bag in both English and French.

4. Open the foil packet and spread the seeds evenly across the top of the soil. Then lightly mix the seeds into the top 1/4 inch of soil – just enough so that they are covered, but not too deep.

5. Place the bag on a saucer or in a shallow bowl, then CAREFULLY pour about 1 cup of water into the bag, trying not to disturb the seeds as much as possible. Once the water soaks in, if there are a lot of seeds resting on top of the soil you can just poke them down a bit with your finger.

6. Place the bag and saucer in a warm, out-of-the-way place that does not get a lot of light. Check the bag daily to make sure the soil stays moist, and water as needed.

7. Your seeds should start to sprout in about 3 days. Once you see the little sprouts poking up out of the soil, move the bag and saucer to a bright, well-ventilated location (although not in direct sunlight). At this point you want to water about every 3 days, or more frequently if necessary to prevent the soil from drying out completely.

That’s it! Your Pet Greens Cat Grass is ready to be enjoyed by your pets when the grass reaches about 2 inches in height. It can grow up to 7” high, but should be trimmed at about the 5” point to keep it fresh and healthy.

Pet Greens Medley Self-Grow Kit



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