About Us

Welcome to our family. 

With roots in Waterdown for over 22 years, we're proud to call it home. Waterdown is like so many great communities, where pets are a vital part of our families.

The health and wellness of our pets is just as important to us as our own.  At Grindstone Pets we aim to provide you with options that are customized for your pets.  Each has their individual needs and requirements and we would love to spend time with you to tailor a nutrition and wellness program for food, treats and play products for your pets.  We take pride in seeing them thrive.

We realize the importance of providing healthier choices and personal service within our home town. We are proud to be a family-owned  independent pet supply store that offers choices for dogs, cats and small animals. From the industry's leading dry foods, to the best Ontario-made raw foods, and carefully chosen accessories ...we offer an ideal product mix and take interest in your pets health. We look forward to getting to know you and your pets.

Meet our four-legged family members. Tallulah (09/12/08 - 12/22/20) , our Westie Poo, Trevor our Lionhead rabbit and of course, the real bosses, Desilu and Phoebe.

GSP pets    


And the two-legged trio behind the Grindstone Pet Supplies Family - Vikki and her family.