Sprinkle & Sweep Mess & Odour Cleanup 1.25 lbs

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Pet Accidents Happen..

but cleaning them doesn't have to stink so bad! We’ve all been there, carrying that dripping mound of pee soaked paper towels. And worse yet – feeling that oh so wonderful warmth of a liquidy poo with pungent odor bursting through a stack of toilet tissue, as the breath hold becomes just too unbearable to go on.

It doesn’t have to be this difficult to address those inevitable pet accidents indoors!

Sprinkle & Sweep is a profoundly new approach to pet accident cleanup at home. Simply sprinkle on to naturally deodorize even the stinkiest pet messes, instantly all liquids are solidified, allowing for pee, poo or vomit to be easily swept into a dustpan and disposed.

Leaving zero residue behind, pet relationships intact and your home smelling heavenly!

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