Tex's Smoke N' Chews Large Ham Bone Dog Toy

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TEX’S Smoke’n’Chews are hickory-smoked dog chew toys, designed as an alternative to REAL products in the market such as Pork Ham Bones, Shank Bones, Knuckle Bones, Pigs Ears, Tracheas, Antlers, and other products that are naturally sourced. We replicate these chew toys with a proprietary process, utilizing a safe, strong, durable, and tooth friendly TPR material with our secret hickory smoke scent. These chew toys achieve the same shape, smell, and texture as REAL natural products.

Each unit is permeated with "Real" hickory smoke and is replicated based on a real large pork ham bone providing hours of chewing satisfaction. Please remember, all pet toys should only be used with adult supervision.

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