Tollden Farms Food-All Formulas & Sizes

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Our dinners are triple ground and come in a three formats: Meat & Vegetable BlendsMeat & Botanical Blends; or Do It Yourself (DIY) components. We've packaged Tollden Farms in a multiple of  convenient sizes; 6 or 8 lb bags, portioned in ½ pound patties, 1 and 3 lb bags, portioned in ¼ pound patties. We also have 5lb bags for the protein and vegetable blends, and the Do It Yourself components.

Tollden Farms has a wide variety of protein sources and formulations so you can rotate and receive the nutrients supplied in each different product. We have beef neck, marrow and boar bones to satisfy your dog's instinctual need to chew.

If you wanted to feed a raw diet, but were put off by the preparation, our diet is the answer.


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