Website Announcement


Thank you for visiting our website! We are currently working to reorganize the way our entire catalogue is presented on the website to provide a more efficient online shopping experience!


While we have temporarily moved the standard headers for "Food", "Treats" etc, products that are available may still be found by using the search feature at the top right. For example. Typing Acana will return all Acana products. Acana products have been updated with new pictures, current product data and are separated individual formulas. IMPORTANT, please note that products that are typically available in multiple sizes may only appear to have one product with one price, however, clicking on that product will show you a list of sizes available to you at the current time.

If you are unable to locate the product you're looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us at 

(289) 895-8099 or [email protected]


Thank you for you patience while we upgrade our website!

The Team @ Grindstone